Origin of the company

Belith Specialties was created in 2015 near Lyon, France. Belith Specialties is the successor of the company Belith, which was established  in 2006 in Mouscron, Belgium . The main goal of Belith Specialties is to offer a growing range of special admixtures and to expand its range of novel products to the dry mortar industry.

Belith company in few words

       Head Office in Saint-Genis-Laval (Lyon metropolis)

       Experienced and focused Team

       Broad Chemistry Range

       Customized Product


       Production in Europe

       Worldwide sourcing

       Technical Service Centers in Europe and Asia


What Makes Us Different?

       Very few of the drymortar raw materials  have been designed for cement application. Most of them are issued from the paint industry and therefore are inadequate or at least non-optimized in cementitious applications.

       Testing and using such chemicals is costly and frustrating because they usually create negative side effects which have to be later corrected through other additions.

       Our approach is to find the appropriate raw material for the required application. Combining a vast experience from the needs of the construction chemicals industry with a network of contacts throughout Europe and Asia, we can offer admixture design, production or sourcing services for all kinds of construction chemicals.