Shrinkage reducing agents

Belith SR10 - shrinkage reducing admixture for the reduction of curling/cracking, improved water resistance or adhesion properties of Portland cement based mortars. Belith SR10 has been reported to significantly reduce not only shrinkage, but as well expansion in ternary binder based mortars and then may be considered a buffer to general dimensional changes, that strain mortars.


On Shrinkage reducing admixtures

Belith SR10 is, contrary to competitive materials, somewhat hydrophobic and reduces the surface tension (which is considered to be important for shrinkage reduction) in a comparable manner. Our customers report a better and longer lasting effect compared to the 1,n Diol-/NPG- etc. based competitive formulations. Belith SR10 is poorly water soluble, whereas competitive products are well soluble.

SRAs can compromise mortar strengths significantly.

Numerous alternative approaches to shrinkage reduction are under evaluation. Issues addressed are better shrinkage reduction, less compromising of strengths and VOC